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The Sun, the Moon, the Stars…

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Yesterday I celebrated the gift of free will, but let’s back up a little. Before God created us, He created our beautiful, amazing world. We’re still unlocking all its wondrous secrets, still discovering new details about how various creatures interact with their environment, still trying to understand the mystery of mosquitos. Seriously. What do we need those for?

This morning as I rode to work under a beautiful blue sky, I decided my topic for the day would be the sun, or maybe creation. This thought persisted even as the high pollen count seeped into me as if I’d just gone swimming in a pool of flowers. Nature isn’t always kind and the weather isn’t always convenient, but the very existence of our world is an act of love by God. As Pope Francis writes in Laudato Si, “Rather than a problem to be solved, the world is a joyful mystery to be contemplated with gladness and praise.”

And so of course, we must sing! This lovely a cappella version of The Canticle of the Sun by Marty Haugen sums it up.


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