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Easter Gratitude

the legendary apple was probably a pomegranate
Photo credit: Theophilos via / CC BY-NC-ND

I saw a Facebook challenge today that I want to make happen: to spend the fifty days of the Easter Season celebrating God through positive witness on social media. On Day One, I’m going right to Genesis.

I’m grateful for the gift of free will, even though it led to an unfortunate choice by Adam and Eve. Yes, there’s suffering in the world because they exercised their free will and disobeyed God’s specific instructions. But, no serpent, no apple, no Incarnation, no Crucifixation, no Resurrection.

No matter what we do, God weaves salvation into our story. The catch is that we have to choose listen to Him instead of the snakes of anxiety, jealousy, pride and greed. The gift of free will is how God shows us what Love truly is: willing the good of the other for their own sake. How amazing is that?

Here’s one of my favorite songs to sing the point home – Matt Maher’s Love Has Come

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