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Marriage as Conversion

One newlywed writes: “Bearing the beams of love” has taken on a whole new meaning for me.
That seems so true; I love this mediation on Marriage as Conversion.

A Call to Joy


As newlyweds, J. and I are often asked the question, “So, how is married life?!” Struggling with this question calls to mind the same feelings as when I returned home from studying abroad, came back after a year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, or re-entered life after a short-term immersion program in El Salvador.  I usually find  myself saying something in between “So great!” and “Umm…how much time do you have?”

On the one hand, it feels impossible to capture the intimate mix of joy and sacrifice, of both lighthearted and difficult conversations, of learning how to balance my own needs with J.’s in a new way. On the other hand, for an external processor like me, it feels impossible not to try to verbalize my experience of this new transition.  If I truly believe that marriage is a vocation – from Latin, to call – what does it mean in the day-to-day when it will take a lifetime to realize…

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HOMILY: The Feast That Never Ends

Celebrate faith…..

Leaven in the World

Fr. Brian Zumbrum’s homilies and reflections are posted weekly at Leaven in the World. To see the archive of all his posts, just click hereSalesian Sermons

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time | October 11/12, 2014

PROTIP: Before reading on, be sure to take a look at the Sunday readings here. This homily focuses on the first reading.

One of the things that I miss most about my grandmother is meals at her house.

When I think back to all of the many visits that we shared over the years, I smile at how they always followed a predictable pattern.

First, everyone would come bearing their gifts.  Coolers laden with “pop” and water, bottles of wine and bags of chocolate, bags of chips and tubs of dip.  Soon the fridge and counter were overflowing.

About midday, the cooking would begin.  Each family who came had their specialty.  We would have…

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