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When there is a school shooting…make sure you know your facts…

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I have debated on writing about this topic, because it is one of so much controversy. However, as I sit back and see all the rhetoric and memes, I can’t help but wonder if people truly understand the issue at hand.  As a mental health professional, law school student, former social worker, former juvenile probation officer and public school employee, I feel the need to share insight into things the average person may not consider…

1.  Stop the gun banter until you really understand the issue. And stop the partisan politics. I have a gun. My husband has lots of guns.  I appreciate that right.  Saying that, not everyone should be entitled to the same.  Felons don’t deserve gun rights.  Those with serious mental illness should not have guns. Children should not have guns (unsupervised). And no one, other than military and law enforcement, should have assault rifles or any other…

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