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Outside Myself by Kristen Witucki: A Stunning Portrayal of Blindness Reviewed by Donna W. Hill

Today’s Gospel reading includes the plea, “Master, I want to see!” – and this review reminds us that ‘seeing’ happens in more than one way.

The Heart of Applebutter Hill

When you hear that someone is “having trouble adjusting to blindness,” you may be tempted to think that they need to accept the “fact” that they simply cannot do a laundry list of essential human activities. Can you set that aside for a time and consider this? Perhaps they need to learn that the sighted people around them don’t have the answers and in many cases may be holding them back.

Book cover of Outside Myself by Kristen Witucki, shows profiles of dual protagonists on background of warm tan parchment with title in Braille: photo courtesy Kristen Witucki.

The book cover of Outside Myself by Kristen Wytucki shows profiles of the dual protagonists on a background of warm tan, slightly wrinkled parchment . Both facing in the same direction, Tallie’s is nested inside Benjamin’s. Benjamin’s profile is slightly lighter than the background, and Tallie’s is a little lighter still. The profiles cast a shadow, as if someone cut each out of paper and laid them on the cover. The title is in black text. It also appears…

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How to Help in a Pandemic: Ask Before You Donate 1,000 Pizzas – The New York Times

A Brooklyn priest learned to cut through the red tape after Hurricane Sandy. He has lessons for us.
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Love the exploration of tactical altruism here…

Story Time From Space | T2 Science & Math Education Consultants

Story Time From Space | T2 Science & Math Education Consultants
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Love this!

Drawing Lessons

JJK, illustrator of many books including Hey Kiddo and the lunch lady series teaches drawing

In Trump’s Jaded Capital, Marie Yovanovitch’s Uncynical Outrage in the Impeachment Hearings | The New Yorker

Susan Glasser on the former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie (Masha) Yovanovitch’s testimony in the Trump impeachment hearings.
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StoryCorps: He Traded Single Life To Be Foster ‘Pop’ To More Than 50 Kids : NPR

Roberto and I are foster parents to a young woman who came to us at age 17 and has chosen to stay in our home. Youth in transition to adulthood need caring, loving adults in their lives. Ninety percent of what we do as foster parents to a teenager is just showing up, supporting her choices and listening.

This story might inspire you to become a mentor or foster parent. It might also make you grateful for your own family and more understanding of those who have to build families of choice.

StoryCorps: He Traded Single Life To Be Foster ‘Pop’ To More Than 50 Kids : NPR
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A long ride through memories…

One summer, I rode the Rock Island line downtown to the La Salle Street station. I took photography classes at Columbia College and loved wandering the streets of Chicago.

This isn’t the first time I have taken the Blue Line to O’Hare, either. Today it will be challenging since there were mechanical delays… but that’s part of the adventure of public transportation.

US Open 2019: Naomi Osaka warms hearts by consoling Coco Gauff – BBC Sport

Defending US Open champion Naomi Osaka wins hearts all over again when she consoles teenager Coco Gauff after beating her in the third round.
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