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Dinner at Hooters

Love this piece about my friend’s son flirting with a Hooter’s waitress. Of course, that’s what happens there, but not usually for six year old boys with autism…

{Subject to Change}

This past weekend the family and I went to Hooters for dinner. Kids eat free on Saturdays and when you’ve got 6-year old twins, well, that’s never a bad thing.

Now I know what some of you are thinking (and probably rolling your eyes while doing so): Well. You only go there because the girls are half-naked. Let me quote Chicago Blackhawks color analyst Eddie Olczyk by saying “Stop it right there.”

Granted, our waitress did go a long way in restoring my long wavering faith that Hooters could, in fact, hire attractive women. She did a fine job of showing off her flat midriff and certainly lived up to the perceived reputation of the restaurant. But truthfully, I really do like the wings.

This night, however, was not memorable because of the food.

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