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GUEST POST: Walking With Naomi | Lent Devo 2019, Holy Week

I’m always honored to participate in a Lenten reflection series, and particularly this year when I was invited to write this post.

Leaven in the World


This is the fourteenth in a series of posts. Today’s reflection is on the book of Ruth.

If Lent is a journey through the desert to the fruitful promise of Easter, then I’d like to ask Naomi for some travel tips. In the book of Ruth, we read that she fled famine with her family and settled in the land of Moab, the longtime enemies of her people. Not only that, her sons married Moabite women after her husband died. Then they themselves died and left her a widow with no grandsons to protect and provide for her.

This was probably not the life Naomi envisioned for herself as a girl in Bethlehem, but her tragedy became the cornerstone of our salvation history. She decides to leave Moab when she hears that the famine has finally ended. Both her daughters-in-law accompany her on…

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