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HOMILY: Reaping the Harvest Before Us

Love this reminder!

Leaven in the World

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time | July 2/3, 2016

Fr. Brian Zumbrum’s homilies and reflections are posted weekly at Leaven in the World. To see the archive of all his posts, just click here: Salesian Sermons

PROTIP: You can take a look at the Sunday readings here. This homily focuses on the Gospel reading.

Over this past week, I had the opportunity to spend a few days with two of my best friends from college down in Houston, Texas.

It was the first time that the three of us had been together in almost 5 years and as soon as we got together, we could not help but reflect back on the 1st time the three of us travelled to Houston.

It was about a month after Hurricane Katrina and we convinced our Service Director at DeSales University to bring us down to Houston to help with hurricane relief…

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