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The Wind and the Rain

I confess: I love storms. They are an astounding embodiment of God’s awesomeness. Yes, things get destroyed, trees fall, rivers get re-routed, but God is right there through it all. Whatever the outcome, he walks with us, loves us, comforts us.

We cannot be an Easter people if we aren’t grateful for the Cross, and our own crosses, the storms of our lives. Sometimes God whispers, sometimes he roars, but always he Loves. I’m convinced that he uses storms to draw us closer to him, to convince our hearts that we can trust in him, to open us to greater possibilities than we will ever imagine on our own. He sends angels and helpers to us, often in disguise. He turns the unexpected challenge into a blessing. 

I don’t always like walking through the wet, windy, messy storm of life, but I try to be grateful for the opportunity to grow closer to God. A good storm reminds me to pray, “thy will, not mine, be done.”


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