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“Is God sadistic?” A glance back to the cross.

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Jon went a bit deeper than I did on today’s theme of light and darkness…

Jon the Evangelist

Simple answer is no. God is not sadistic. If God is perfect and true love itself, there is no room for sadism. There is no room for exploitation. God does not enjoy seeing His people suffer.

Now that we are in Easter surrounded by the joy and hope of the Resurrection, I want us to pause and take a quick look back to last Friday. Good Friday. In just a few days look at how far we have come! We have turned from repentant mourners who were contemplating the weight of our sin to men and women living joyfully in the resurrected Light of the World!

The Light of the World, Jesus, who took our darkness, our suffering, on his shoulders and completely kicked it’s butt! It is in pain and hiding in a dark cave somewhere trying to escape the power and light of God.

When I went to…

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