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“I AM WHO AM”: God’s Destruction of Low Self-Esteem

I had never thought about low self-esteem this way, framed by the story of Moses arguing about his inability to fulfill God’s call:

“in the haze of negativity, God is saying, ‘I AM WHO AM. I am good, therefore you are good too. I am love and I sent love down to earth so that you might know love and be capable of love. I am holy , therefore you can and, if you trust in My plan for you, will be holy.’ “



Have you ever struggled with something in life? That’s a pretty dumb question. We’ve all struggled in one way or another. The better way to ask the question is have you ever looked in at yourself only to be let down by what you’ve seen? Have you ever said or thought, “I am a failure. I am tired. I am lost. I am not good enough.” I know I am not alone in having said and/or thought those statements before. It is easy for us in a society that practically demands perfection of us to occasionally get down on ourselves and overanalyze our mistakes and failures. 

Well this is not a new thing. In the third and fourth chapters of Exodus, we read Moses discovering the Burning Bush and there God spoke to Moses and calls him on a mission to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Summarizing…

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