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Combat Dreariness with Beauty

Scott's Run, March 2014

Scott’s Run, March 2014

Despite what the calendar says, an actual living Spring seems weeks away, which can be rough on your mental health. Here in Northern Virginia, it’s been either pouring rain or densely foggy for close to forever days on end. Not only do gloomy forecasts often lead to equally gloomy thought patterns they can also limit opportunities for physical activity. A hike in the rain on a muddy, hilly path to a river is fun exactly once, even if that river is the historic Potomac.

But photo sites like Flickr and offer a great way to lift up your mood — you can search for photos of things that make you happy and meditate for a minute or two. If you’re fortunate enough to partly earn your living with photography, revisit a few favorites. I was able to catch some great photos last week and really enjoyed the results.

How do you perk up your day?

April 11 Edition: Combat Dreariness with Cherry Blossoms


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  1. […] Earlier this week, I wrote about using internet picture sites to fight the grayness of a drab spring day. […]

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