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Not Your Typical Valentine’s Day

This post is so true, a lived experience of what the pope said yesterday in his advice about living together and how married couples should pray “‘give us this day our daily love,'”, teach us to love each other, to care for each other. The more you entrust yourselves to the Lord, the more your love will be ‘for ever’, able to renew itself and to overcome every difficulty.”

Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice

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My wife and I started our Valentine’s Day this year not-so-romantically: by taking care of a sick kid. Not so glamorous, not so romantic, but oh-so-appropriate. We cleaned up for hours after multiple rounds of Andrew throwing up, scrubbing carpet and floors, doing loads of laundry, bathing Andrew after a couple of the really violent episodes… all the while, Maura and I relied on each other to take care of both Andrew and his brother, whose needs still needed to be met regardless of the other circumstances in our house. It was well past midnight before our heads finally hit our pillows for good, a couple wee hours away from our typical daily morning routine. Happy Valentine’s Day, right!? Despite the lack of sleep and the disruption to one of our few chances at relaxation, and even though I wish our son weren’t sick, I found myself grateful for it…

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