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Wednesday’s Child: A Wild and Crazy Birth Story

Sharon and Tom were among the first people we befriended in Virginia, and they have a wonderful story about the arrival of their third child…

The Day We First Met

Today’s story comes from our friend Sharon at Finding Vanilla Octopus. Sharon is a stay-at-home mom and referee to three babies, all under the age of 3. She tries to cram in blogging time as best she can in the midst of the chaos, for love of writing and the opportunity to share her amateur photography attempts. The story she is sharing with us today is, well, just what the title says: wild and crazy. And, so as not to give away the wildness and craziness of it, we’ll just hop right into it . . .

They say that every pregnancy and birth experience is unique, and I’ve definitely found that to be true, but the birth of my third child, Amelia, differed from the ones before in ways that I could never have predicted or imagined. As with my second, I experienced pre-term contractions throughout the end of…

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