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Growing Closer to God

My husband wrote a great post about Lent NOT being a season of sacrifice. At least, not the way you think…

Morning Quiet Time

As Ash Wednesday draws to a close I’m drawn to think about the season of Lent and what it means to me as a Christian. Growing up, Lent was about one thing: SACRIFICE. You promised to give up something you liked for forty days until Easter when, in celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, you were relieved of your obligatory suffering and resumed eating candy, watching TV, hitting your brother, or whatever it was you chose to do without. Knowing that Easter celebrated the redemption of mankind, it was easy for me as a child to draw the conclusion that Lent was a time to punish ourselves for all the sins we committed during the past year. Wrong!

Lent is not a time of punishment in hopes of redemption. It is a time of spiritual transformation. It is a time when we strive to come closer to God and more fully appreciate…

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